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February 27, 2007

Anyone out there know anything about Booksurge? It’s a self-publishing group and they want my current book and my next book. I may use Outskirts Press again, but I’m tempted to sit back and let a publisher like Kensington Books publish my next book. That way, the advertising and book placement will be done by them.

The next book is a humor / historical non-fiction / fiction, if there is such a thing, so if there is anyone out there, please recommend a publisher or agent.


Kensington Books

February 27, 2007

Corpsey the Bear needs a new publisher.

Corpsey vs. Carl’s Jr.

February 21, 2007

I really wish now that I had included a chapter in the book about Corpsey getting Hepatitis A from eating at Carl’s Jr. There was a major lawsuit involving that, so I will avoid a slander suit myself. I will post the suit website URL this week so that you may see for yourself.

Maybe Papa Bear could have dragged the family out to Carl’s Jr. to get a Famous Star and well… let’s say there could have been only one little Corpsey casualty.

Bribes from Carl’s Jr.

February 21, 2007

I received my bribes this afternoon from Carl’s Jr. Pretty pathetic. Essentially it’s enough coupon to give me $3.99 in burgers. I make around a couple of hundred dollars an hour and they wasted 20 mins of my life on the phone. And for some damn reason I was under the impression they would actually do something.

Well, I’m heading over to the Carl’s Jr. I fondly call the ‘Nuclear Wastland’ to take pictures for my Carl’s Jr. website.


Carl’s Jr.

February 17, 2007

I recently purchased, a website dedicated to bringing you exotic animal and endangered species recipes.

Why this website, you ask?

Because I can. How often does an opportunity like this show up? I’m not stating that I’m part of the CKE family, because I’m not. I love the food at Carl’s Jr. and eat there at least twice a day.

Anyway, the recipes will be accurate. It’s up to you to decide which meat you want to use.

Glastonbury Dex

Book sales for “Corpsey the Bear” better than expected!

February 8, 2007

My fans,

I stopped calling you names just long enough to say, “Thanks.” Sales are doing well. The book has been widely-accepted and much appreciated.

Work on my second book has begun. Nothing to do with Corpsey. Sorry.