Elisabeth Shue – still smokin’!

Elisabeth ShueWTF!?

What’s the matter with you clowns? I’m hearing all these Negative Nancys out there slamming Elisabeth Shue. Hey, we all get old, and I’ll guarantee not one of her critics would kick her out of bed.

I do make fun of her – as well as a myriad of people – in my book and on my website, but I still have the greatest respect for her. She is the mother of three kids, happily married (dammit), and has a degree in Political Science from Harvard. She managed to do all that while still making films.

She may not have made terrific films over the years, but at least she hung in there and did what she loves to do. She is still greatly respected by the Hollywood business, and she will continue to earn that respect. Haven’t seen her in any scandals like so many obnoxious actors out there, so again – kudos to Elisabeth.

And the next time some piss-ant wants to slam her because she “looks bad” in a photo, stick your pathetic mug on the internet so we can have a crack at you.

Thank you, Elisabeth. Keep up the good work.


5 Responses to “Elisabeth Shue – still smokin’!”

  1. Nick Says:

    Absolutely! She’s still drop-dead gorgeous! And unlike most Hollywood “actresses” she puts her energy into her craft not partying!

  2. jay Says:

    Not only is she drop dead gorgeous, she is the woman you always wanted to fall in love with. Just a pure, natural, lovely, and feminine goddess. I’ve always loved Elizabeth Shue.

  3. writerbeware08 Says:

    Thump, thump, thump!!!! That would be my heart when I even see a picture of Elizabeth Shue!!!!!!!!! Awesome!!!!!

  4. paul jones Says:

    jay i totally agree man! just watched karate kid and cocktail in the space of a week…and i think im in love! ha ha she’s sooo lovely

  5. Geotom Says:

    Lovely, warm, sexy, I’ll watch any movie she’s in, one of my favorite actresses.

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