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Carl’s Jr. Website for sale

April 23, 2007

Hey all –

My Carl’s Jr. website has been put up for bid. I have too many websites to maintain and maybe this will cover my expenses.



Carl’s Jr .net

April 17, 2007

Yea! is now No. 9 on Google!

Thank you all!

Corpsey the Bear book signings

April 17, 2007


Will be in Northern Utah this weekend signing books at the Hastings in Logan. Come and have a book signed. I’ll even be nice for once. I plan on doing the line-up from Time Bandits, where the serfs are getting not only free goods from Robin Hood, but a punch in the head from one of the local thugs. I need to find a local thug.

If you haven’t seen Time Bandits, it’s a real treat.