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Corpsey Hits Twin Falls Barnes and Noble

May 21, 2007

Hey –

The book signing at the Twin Falls Barnes and Noble was a great success. Sold nearly every book and didn’t want to leave. Because of the last few book signings, I’m writing a sequel.

If you are interested in a signed copy, let me know your location and we’ll see if I can arrange a signing in that area. I don’t mind the signing trips. I get to visit strange new places and write the whole trip off!




Corpsey the Bear book signings

April 17, 2007


Will be in Northern Utah this weekend signing books at the Hastings in Logan. Come and have a book signed. I’ll even be nice for once. I plan on doing the line-up from Time Bandits, where the serfs are getting not only free goods from Robin Hood, but a punch in the head from one of the local thugs. I need to find a local thug.

If you haven’t seen Time Bandits, it’s a real treat.



February 27, 2007

Anyone out there know anything about Booksurge? It’s a self-publishing group and they want my current book and my next book. I may use Outskirts Press again, but I’m tempted to sit back and let a publisher like Kensington Books publish my next book. That way, the advertising and book placement will be done by them.

The next book is a humor / historical non-fiction / fiction, if there is such a thing, so if there is anyone out there, please recommend a publisher or agent.