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Corpsey the Bear Website

December 15, 2006


Corpsey the Bear’s website will be down for some time thanks to a shoddy business known as ‘MSTAR’. MSTAR is based in Salt Lake City, and like most businesses in Utah, they are fly-by-night and devious. My host and I were recently hosed-over by them and already it’s cost my friend $8,000.00 in lost revenue.

What happened: my buddy’s set-up served over 100 individuals with a Priority One line. He had difficulty with one of his five IP addresses. He made a quick call to MSTAR, believing that they would fix the problem. Instead, they shut down ALL his IP addresses. Individuals that were signed up with him began selling their contracts. Within 4 days he lost $8,000.00 worth of income.

MSTAR. Did they fix the problem? No. It’s been a week now and they continue to argue over policies. There has been a great deal of lip-service from incompetent techies who ‘can fix anything’.

Bottom line: we’re being dicked with, with a typical, poorly-run Utah technology business. My advice? Use a business outside the state for your web hosting and DNS services.

My advice to my friend? When it hits a loss of $25K (March, 2007), sue the living Hell out of them.

Don’t make me tell you twice,



Professional Manuscript

November 1, 2006

Hey loafers,

For those who do know me…or think they know me, I write constantly. In fact, I have so much material floating around in my head, I have two more websites planned. I have 4 screenplays, a stageplay, and two more books that will be sent off next year for publication. Right now I have a ‘professional manuscript’ in the stages of publication.

I haven’t written a professional manuscrip in 10 years. Prior to that I wrote around 25 of them in a six year period. Fifteen made it to publication. The papers helped a lot in getting me where I am. I’m not bragging, just trying to set up my point.

For those 15 that were published, there was a simple, straightforward protocol for submission. After you sent in one, the rest followed the same format. Much to my surprise, they went to an electronic submission process sometime in the last few years. And it has been more work than expected.

My beef is this: if you do the same job day-in, day-out, it becomes a no brainer. Really. So why would an editor place the tables, graphs and other figures ahead of the main body of the manuscript?

No brainer.

I repeatedly tried to correct their bone-headed mistake, with no luck. I guess I just don’t understand people who can’t use the logic and common sense they are supposed to have. It’s not medical science. It’s just plain rote work.

Now you know why I switched to fiction and self-publishing. Little stupidity required of all the parties involved.

Loose lips; sink ships,