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Corpsey Hits Twin Falls Barnes and Noble

May 21, 2007

Hey –

The book signing at the Twin Falls Barnes and Noble was a great success. Sold nearly every book and didn’t want to leave. Because of the last few book signings, I’m writing a sequel.

If you are interested in a signed copy, let me know your location and we’ll see if I can arrange a signing in that area. I don’t mind the signing trips. I get to visit strange new places and write the whole trip off!




Corpsey will be at the Barnes and Noble in Twin Falls, Idaho

May 5, 2007

Damn! That’s a long title.

After the success of the book signing at the Hastings Bookstore last month, I will be at the Barnes and Noble in Twin Falls, Idaho, on May 19th. I don’t know the address, but I’m pretty sure there’s only one B&N there. There will be plenty of paperback copies, but you’ll need to get hold of a hardback ASAP if you want it signed. Amazon and B&N online are pretty quick.

It’s possible that Elisabeth Shue will be there, but I’m sure she’s busy that day. I will settle for an Elisabeth Shue look-a-like if that is the case.

I will be signing books, but will sign breasts if requested.